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Newberry Industries

Newberry Industries is a vocational program that the board operates to address the vital need for people to have meaningful employment.  This need is addressed by providing the employees of Newberry Industries with the opportunity to learn various vocational skills while earning a salary.  Newberry Industries relies on the support of local businesses to provide employment opportunities for the employees of Newberry Industries. Many businesses realize that along with quality of work, they provide a valuable opportunity for people by utilizing the services offered.  Services available include piece rated and hourly wage work.  Businesses can contact the Business Liaison at Newberry Industries to obtain a bid on potential work.  If interested, arrangements can be made for work to be completed at the center by competent citizens with disabilities or work can be completed off site by employees.  Quality checks are done on all work by staff to ensure that work completed is of the highest standard.   

In addition to in-house work, Newberry Industries offers the services of mobile work crews and enclaves.  These work groups are comprised of Newberry Industries employees and staff who go to the work site to provide a variety of tasks such as cleaning and yard work.  These crews currently provide services to many different businesses in Newberry county as well as to private citizens.  Not only is it an exceptional opportunity for local businesses and citizens to obtain quality work at competitive prices, it is a wonderful opportunity to support local citizens with disabilities to be a vital part of the community.

Another exciting component of Newberry Industries has been the addition of the Newberry Industries Annex.  The Annex is located at a different location than the main workshop and supports the Seniors Program and New Horizons.  Both of these programs provide services to approximately 25 citizens from 7:45 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. M – F.   The Seniors Program provides opportunities for senior citizens to attend a day program without the vocational work component.  This program focuses on a variety of fun and leisure time activities.  Socialization is a key part of this program. 

New Horizons is a program that provides unique and individualized support to people who find the larger program at the main workshop too stimulating.  This program focuses on the unique needs of the people who attend – whether it be sensory stimulation games or small group activities. Socialization is also a key part of this program. 

Although the Annex program is located at a different address than Newberry Industries, it is still operated under the same standards and regulations that govern the operation of the main workshop.  SCDDSN, DHEC and NCDSNB all monitor the operation of Newberry Industries and the Annex to ensure services are in compliance with the various regulatory guidelines that oversee the day to day operations of these programs.

Residential Services:

Residential Services - General Information The Newberry County DSN Board currently oversees and operates 14 residential programs.  Programs include one Intermediate Care Facility (ICF); two Community Training Home I’s (CTH I); eleven Community Training Home II’s (CTH II); and Supervised Living Program I and II.  Our residential programs provide a safe and homelike environment for 65 people with disabilities and special needs.  Each of these  programs are operated in accordance with various standards and procedures that provide very specific guidelines that determine who is eligible for the various programs; how the programs need to operate; and what qualifications staff members must possess. 

Our ICF is the current home to twelve people.  The men who reside at our ICF need more intense support and training in a variety of skills areas.  Our ICF provides this needed support with the help of trained staff who provide 24 hour care and assistance.  In addition to around the clock support staff, there is also a full time LPN on staff.  The ICF provides a homelike environment to the residents while teaching them the skills necessary to help prepare them for living in lesser restrictive environment (if possible).  The folks who reside in our ICF do attend various programs during the day.  In addition, the folks engage in a variety of community outings.  They are encouraged to voice their opinions on what types of things they would like to do.  The ICF is a 24 hour care facility, but also the only home that many of the residents have.

Our ICF is required to operate in accordance with a variety of state and federal guidelines and regulations and is overseen by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. (DHEC) along with the SC Dept. of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN).  The ICF does have annual inspections by DHEC and is required to maintain a very high standard of operation.  In addition, many agency staff members are involved in monitoring the quality of care provided to the people who live in our ICF.

Our agency currently oversees the operation of two CTH I’s.  A CTH I is a home in which persons with a disability lives with families in our community.  The families have made the choice to provide residential care to people with disabilities in accordance with the various standards and regulations mandated by the SC Dept. of Disabilities and Special Needs.  These homes provide a safe and very homelike living situation to people – in fact – the people who live in these homes are considered members of the family.  The CTH I's do have various operating standards and procedures that guide the overall operations of the facility and are surveyed every three years by SC DDSN staff for compliance.  Folks who reside in our CTH I’s do receive skills training and support to prepare them for the possibility of living on their own or in a Supervised Living Program one day.  These homes are monitored by both SCDDSN as well as staff from the NCDSNB. 

Our agency currently owns and operates eleven CTH II’s within Newberry County.  Each CTH II provides a home to 3 or 4 people.  The people who live in these homes do attend some type of agency sponsored program during the day.  Agency staff work in the CTH II’s beginning in the afternoons during the week until morning when people are transported to their daytime programs.  On weekends, staff work in the homes 24 hours a day.  There are also two LPN’s on staff who oversee the basic medical needs of the people who reside in these homes. People living in our CTH II’s do receive a variety of skills training to help them become more independent in many areas.  The overall goal is to help people move on to lesser restrictive living environments.  These CTH II’s are operated under the guidance and operating standards as put forth by SC DDSN.  These homes are surveyed every three years by SCDDSN to ensure all operations are in compliance with mandated standards.  NCDSNB staff also consistently monitors the overall operations of these homes on a regular basis. 

Our agency currently oversees the operation of one SLP I and II's located in Newberry County.  This program promotes the independence of people who want to live on their own and only require a minimum amount of support.  Our current SLP provides support for a total of (11) eleven people.  The SLP works towards teaching specific skills such as cooking, shopping, taking medication, budgeting, etc.  The SLP, like all of the agency’s residential programs is overseen and operated in accordance with specific standards and guidelines put forth by the SC Dept. of Disabilities and Special Needs and the NCDSNB.  

Individual & Group Community Services

     Individual & Group Community Services provides services to   promote independence and enhance participation in community activities.  The scope of services is diverse to meet individualized needs and interests.  Treatment Plans are developed with goals and objectives which focus on self-care skills, community living skills, psych-social skills, and medication management.  Services may be provided in the individual’s home, natural environment, and/or other appropriate community settings. The focus of the program is to provide therapeutic interventions and assistance to improve a condition or promote an individual’s optimal level of functioning. Contact us for more information.

Respite Care  

     In order to provide relief from the care of a family member with a disability, respite care is offered.  Respite  is provided to those who are unable to care for themselves. It is provided in a variety of settings and may be provided on an hourly or daily basis.  Funding for respite may be available through Family Support Funds through the Newberry Disabilities and Special Needs Board.


Summer Services 

These services offer families the opportunity to develop a summer program that will best fit individualized needs. This could include paying for enrollment in a summer camp, or hiring a companion to assist the family member in attending various activities which allow for greater community integration for individuals. Services are provided to qualified individuals regardless of age, race, sex, religion, or national origin








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