Our Services

Our Services

Vocational / Mobile Work Crews

Newberry Industries is a vocational program providing training and employment opportunities to individuals supported by the agency.

Community Training Homes II

These four bedroom, single-family homes are located throughout the county. These programs provide 24-hour support, skills training and community activity.

Intermediate Care Facility

This 12-person residence provides 24-hour support, skills training and community activity to consumers requiring a more intensive level of support than those residing in a training homes.

Day Services

The PRIDE Center offers programs like New Horizons and a Seniors program for individuals opting for socialization and support in an environment tailored to their skills and needs. These programs offer leisure activities combined with support and training in life skills.

Supervised Living Program

The Supervised Living Program II option provides 24-hour staff support, skills training and transportation to individuals have many of independent living skills but still require moderate support. The SLP-I program supports people who have independent living skills, but require a small degree of support, in their own homes throughout the county through skills training and transportation assistance.

Family Support Services

These services assist people in gaining greater independence, to make choices and to experience the benefits of community living. Services include Case Management and Early Intervention (for children under age 6).